Welcome to Love Gives First!
​Where marketplace and community leaders give so relationships can thrive.
Love Gives First is a trusted group of business, community and civic leaders who are committed to doing relationships well. Together, we combine our energy and resources, so relationships are strengthened. In this site, you'll find resources for your:
  • Marriage or Dating Relationship
  • Family Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Business Relationships
  • Relationships in your Community
​What do we mean by, "Give first?"  At Love Gives First, we believe that relationships thrive when people take initiative to give - not just when we have to, when we're asked to, or only after we've received. The best relationships are characterized by people or organizations who give without expectation of return. So take a look at our resources, they reflect our commitment to give - not because we HAVE to, but because we care!